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Sean Staples is an award winning California-based film, television, media composer and professional songwriter. Sean has over a dozen feature and independent film releases as well as multiple television shows and worldwide commercial licensing as a professional composer. In addition to his film scores, Sean is also a writer on the hit single "Dancer" by Flo Rida and regularly writes with artists and producers in LA and Nashville. Sean previously worked with artists such as Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, The Temptations, Matchbox20, Ludacris, Saliva, Third Eye Blind and many others, with the company he founded, Shine Drum & Percussion. Sean's passion for all things music is omnipresent in every aspect of his professional music career.
Sean started studying music at age 8 and began playin violin and studying via the Suzuki Method. Sean's formal music education began under the renowned Linda Ghidossi-De Luca (Skywalker Symphony Orchestra/The Dixie Chicks) and he ultimately sat 1st chair violin (and later viola), for the Santa Rosa Symphony Youth Orchestra by the age of 13. Sean went on to study music at California State University Sacramento and performed with a variety of bands and projects. 

Today, Sean's library of written songs, music, compositions and released scores, continue to grow and range from current radio to full orchestral film arrangements. Sean's objective is to challenge himself daily with great projects and continually grow his catalog and evolve musically to meet the demand for engaging and dynamic music for today's creative industries.
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Email: iamseanstaples (at) gmail.com
Public Relations: Rhapsody PR/Jana Davidoff
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